Vocalist Bios

1. Ginger St. James  (Christmas Train)

Ginger St. James

With her sultry and powerful voice, her sassy and commanding stage presence, and a repertoire that blends country, rock n' roll and blues, Ginger St. James packs a lot of entertainment into her 5-foot frame. Following the tradition of country songbirds like Loretta Lynn, Ginger writes and sings music from real experience; growing up on the family farm, being broke, having fun, and love gone wrong. As a young girl, St. James enrolled in jazz and tap dance lessons, performed in school plays and spent a summer at the Theatre Aquarius acting camp. A natural to the stage, she began a successful career as a dancer, actress and model, driven by her powerful charisma and passion for performance. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, she has established a solid fan base, expanding her reach across Ontario and Eastern Canada with countless major festival, fair, theatre and headline appearances.

For more, visit www.gingerstjames.com

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2. Paul Dante  (The Camels In The Desert)

Paul Dante

A Renaissance man of the media age, Paul Dante does it all. From songwriting and performance to acting to film production and editing, Dante dabbles in all manner of entertainment, both behind the scenes and in front of the crowd. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dante was influenced by the eighties punk rock scene and got a feel for the stage with various indie bands. His musical sensibilities blossomed from there, always embracing the fringes of the mainstream with such bands as The Grateful Dead and They Might Be Giants. Dante is a founding member of the jug band, The GCDC Gang, and looks forward to releasing a solo album in the next year..

For more music from Paul Dante, check out his band, The GCDC Gang, on their Bandcamp site

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3. Luke Dante & Dyanna Prisk  (Christmas Cheer)

Luke Dante

Born in New York City, Luke Dante was exposed to both music and media arts since youth. His father, Paul Dante trained him in the ways of video editing and cinematography, while teaching him to sing and play a variety of instruments. Luke's musical styles range from reggae dub to punk to funk to hip hop, and more. In 2016 Dante graduated from Sheridan College with an advanced diploma in media arts and now works as a sound effects editor in Toronto.

To hear more of Luke Dante's original music, please visit his Bandcamp site

Dyanna Prisk

A bright star of the musical theatre scene, Dyanna Prisk has a powerhouse voice that can both command and sweet talk an audience. While she wins you over with her voice, she'll draw you in with charismatic smile. Catch her on stage in one of the many productions of the Huntsville Theatre Company, where she also serves on the Board of Directors.

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4. Daniel Wilson  (Old School Christmas)

Daniel Wilson

Singer-songwriter, Daniel Wilson captivates listeners with his trademark, soulful voice and keyboard style. Rooted in early classical piano training, Wilson broadened his musical palette by studying blues, soul, reggae and R&B. Influenced by Motown and the music of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, Daniel has developed a style all his own. An impressive catalog of over 120 songs demonstrates his commitment to the art of songwriting. His words paint powerful pictures, conjure up raw emotion and capture the heart of the listener. Thematically, Daniel's lyrics are often reflective and spiritual, touching on subjects such as love, heartache, the beauty of life and the tragedy of the human condition. Couple this with his unique vocal phrasing and fans are treated to a strangely familiar, yet refreshingly different listening experience.

For more about Daniel Wilson, please visit www.wilsondanielsmusic.com

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5. Katie Minnis  (Toboggan)

Katie Minnis

Katie Minnis brings an immense amount of charm and impressive vocal talents to her rendition of Luke Dante's song about winter fun. You can hear her winning smile in the delightful vocals. When she's not singing Christmas songs, Minnis can be found starring on the theatre stage with the Algonquin Theatre Company and the Huntsville Theatre Company. She also works as a fashion model.

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6. Ashley Beatty  (A Candle In The Window)

Ashley Beatty

Ashley Beattie is an entrepreneur of many talents. From Canadian Naval Officer to software engineer, Beattie has always kept music as a unifying thread in his life. He learned the piano as a child and picked up the saxophone in high school. Beattie arranged A Candle In The Window for the piano and plays it beautifully, but it's his sultry vocals that truly stand out. It's why film director and producer, S. William Wallace chose Ashley Beattie to produce the soundtrack album for his film, The Return Of God. Beattie's voice carries you through the film's journey like guardian angel.

To listen to more from Ashley Beattie, visit The Return Of God soundtrack album here

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7. Maggie May  (Have A Merry, Merry Christmas This Year)

Maggie May

A bio for Maggie May is pending.

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8. Leslie Hudson  (Evergreen)

Leslie Hudson

A powerhouse at the mic, Leslie Hudson can cut through a crowd of sound with a caress. With nine solo albums under her belt, and several collaborative efforts to boot, her songs span more than 25 years of writing every genre from rock to geek to faerie and demonstrate not only her versatility as a musician but her refusal to be contained. With a background in Celtic culture and a lifelong interest in folklore, Leslie's songs are rooted in the art of storytelling. Whether those tales are inspired by modern media, pop culture, ancient myths or twisted retellings of childhood fairytales, every song she writes tells a story. "Yes, I'm prolific," admits the busy songwriter. "I wasn't always this way, but these days the songs keep coming and I need to keep sharing them. If I can make you laugh, break your heart or bring you to the boiling point I've succeeded. It's my Bardic calling and my privilege; it's my life."

You can discover more of Leslie Husdon's music at lesliehudson.com

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9. Kris Womack  (It Must Be Christmas)

Kris Womack

Kris Womack - or K-Mack, as he's often called - can fill any room with a voice you can't ignore and a stage presence like no other. He rocks out with his shredding guitar style in his band, The GCDC Gang, and sings with a wild passion that is deceptively precise. In spite of his no-holds-barred performances, Womack is also a sensitive, thought-provoking songwriter. You can catch him on stage in Oakville, Ontario, where we is also studying social work at Sheridan College.

Check out K-Mack's band The GCDC Gang, on their Bandcamp site

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10. Megan Boni  (La Flor De Nochebuena)

Megan Boni

Multi-instrumentalist and music history buff, Megan Boni's unmistakable voice brings goose bumps and a shiver down the spine of anyone who listens. Now living in Toronto, Boni grew up in the Oakville music scene around the hub that is The Moonshine Cafe. Easily shifting from guitar to banjo to accordion, Boni's never met an instrument she hasn't been able to master, but she doesn't need accompaniment and will happily steal the spotlight with an a cappella number. Megan Boni has just released her first EP called Punchline under the stage name Funny Bone

You can check out Megan Boni's new EP on her Bandcamp site

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11. Charlie Jacklin  (Light Of A Star)

Charlie Jacklin

Charlie Jacklin is not only a skilled songwriter, but also a brilliant music producer, arranger, and recording engineer. His love of music stems from childhood, when he was a exposed to a wide variety of styles by his family and friends. As the owner of his own music production business, Kerr Village Productions, Jacklin enjoys working with all kinds of musicians and musical styles. This eclectic circle of influence brings a richness to Jacklin's songwriting that is unique and captivating. Jacklin cut his teeth as a lead vocalist with his band, Volition Aire, where he was also the chief songwriter and guitarist. Jacklin's song on New Christmas Tunes is the only track that was not written in 2016. Although never previously recorded, Jacklin wrote the song ten years ago with his father, Steven. It was an interest in recording that song that helped propel the New Christmas Tunes project to fruition

For more about Charlie Jacklin's music and the music he has produced, please visit Kerr Village Productions

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12. Neil MacNaughton  (Merry Christmas To The World)

Neil MacNaughton

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Neil MacNaughton's love of music knows no bounds. He started singing as a boy soprano in a Church choir and went on to sing in high school concert and jazz choirs, and star in several school musicals. It was in his late high school years that MacNaughton started to write songs and perform them at coffee houses and open stages in Oakville and Toronto, Ontario. In school, he learned trumpet, trombone and euphonium. On his own, he taught himself guitar, so he could accompany himself on the many songs he was writing. Over the years, MacNaughton has played in several bands, but mostly as a solo artist. He has five indie albums to his credit, including his latest - and most accomplished - effort, the twelve-song, 2014 release, Pieces Of The Trip. Neil MacNaughton performs weekly as the host of Open Stage at Oakville's The Moonshine Cafe. Influenced by everything from Dvorak to the Doors, MacNaughton relishes the opportunity to play with musical styles and lyrical themes to create new songs that are both comfortably familiar, yet fresh and inspiring.

For more about Neil MacNaughton, please visit www.neilmacnaughton.com